Heos5 with Roon?

Quite new here and have not used this or any forum before
I use Roon to stream from my server
Bought a Heos5 assuming it would be found by roon but it is not
Will I be able to connect this wifi speaker?
Thanks in advance
Martijn Steffens

As far as I know I’m afraid not, Denon use their own streaming software.
The only way to use the Heos would be to use it as just a speaker with something like a chromecast plugged into the aux port.

I know it’s a bit late now but come and ask the forum first. We’ll always help.

I gotbit working via the denon software
Seems a nice speaker (listening to it)
Just didn’t realize it would not “match”
It is not a big problem since the main set works fine and is a real audio system
However, interested in news or solutions

Yes, it is a possible but somewhat hacky solution. I’ve got it working by using LMS-to-uPnP bridge and by enabling Squeezebox support under Roon. But I’m not recommending that solution as it is unsupported and unstable.

There is also AirConnect, DLNA->Airplay bridge, but I’ve not tried that solution, maybe it will be more stable, but it will be limited to 44/16.

Best regards,

I will try this