Herbert von Karajan „Karajan 1970s“ Boxset not found


I have ripped two Karajan Boxset (Karajan 1960s, Karajan 1970‘s“) to my Nucleus.

Both are „Deutsche Grammophon“ and 82 CDs each.

After ripping I merged each of them into one album. That worked fine with the 1960s-Box, but the 1970s is not found.
So I searched manually but the only entry I found doesn‘t contain any information like track names etc.

Any idea how I can sole this?

Thank you,

Hi @MatDe,

Can you please post a few screenshots of these albums?

Sure, here they are:


I suspect that Noris meant screenshots of how the boxsets looked in Roon…

Be that as it may, I’ve just searched for this boxset in Qobuz, and I see that it is possibly split into 4 volumes for the streaming service. Perhaps that is why Roon is having difficulty in matching it?

Okay, here are the two screenshots in Roon:

I saw (in Qobuz) that the boxset is divided into 4 parts. Roon offers that, too. But I I couldn’t “unmerge” the 82 discs…

What country are you all in? I am here in the United States and I only see the Karajan 1980s box when I do a search (have both Qobuz and Tidal).

@Douglasmaurer I live in Germany.

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The Netherlands

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It will be possible to split your ripped boxset of 82 discs into the four volume boxsets, but you will need to do this manually, outside of Roon.

This is assuming that the four volumes have been created sequentially from the original physical boxset of 82 discs. My suggestion would be to first add the four volumes from Qobuz to your library - then you can compare the contents with your ripped set.

The four volumes contain:
Vol1 - 23 discs
Vol2 - 18 discs
Vol3 - 22 discs
Vol4 - 19 discs
Thus, a total of 82 discs, which is the same as your physical boxset. Assuming that the sequence of works is the same across the four volume set as that of your physical set, then you could tackle the splitting up of your 82 discs.

I’m assuming that you have ripped your CDs and placed the content of each CD into its own folder called CD01, CD02, up to CD82, and all these folders have been placed into a master folder called (for example) Karajan 1970s?

You’re going to have to create four new master folders in your Roon’s Watched folder, e.g.:

  • Karajan 1970s Vol1
  • Karajan 1970s Vol2
  • Karajan 1970s Vol3
  • Karajan 1970s Vol4

Then move the first batch of CD folders (CD01 to CD23) into the Vol1 folder, the next batch of CD folders (CD24 to CD41) to the Vol2 folder (and I think that you are going to have to renumber them from CD01 to CD18 - but try it first and see what Roon does; you can always renumber later if needed); and so on.

One additional advantage of splitting up the boxset into four volumes is that I see that Qobuz makes PDFs of the booklets available for each of the four volumes. You can display these in your web browser, and then save them as PDF files. If you copy the saved PDF files into the corresponding master folder in Roon, then your ripped albums will also then have the PDF booklets available to them.

Once this is done, and everything looks OK, you can then delete the Qobuz boxsets from your Library, leaving the new four-volume arrangement (together with the booklets) as local files in your Library.

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For info the 2 sets are spilt in Tidal as well, each sub set is numbered from 1

@Geoff_Coupe Thank you so much for your help and the detailed description! It works now!
My way was a little bit different. Since I rip directly to my Nucleus (with an attached DVD-drive) I get folders with a timestamp. Thank god that I ripped everything in the exact order!! It was easy to tell what the right folders were. I created watched folders just like in your description and moved the relevant folders there. I had to rename them to CD01, CD02 etc. … I added the PDFs from Qobuz…done!!!
Great!!! Thanks again!!!

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