Hey Deadheads! What have you been listening to lately?

Hi Deadheads -
I’m curious, what’s your listening practice like? How do you like your Grateful Dead?

Do you typically listen to Dick’s Picks, Dave’s Picks, or your own picks?
The Download Series? Studio albums? Your old tapes digitized from decades ago?
Do you stream/download from archive.org? If you’re into archive.org, what’s your filtering process like?
Do you only listen to shows from the late 70’s?
Basically, how do you decide what to listen to and when?

So many choices.

Lately, I’ve been really excited about Dead and Company. Look, don’t give me a hard time - John Mayer is SO GOOD - it’s the truth! I’ve been watching on YouTube through my stereo. And streaming Tidal with Roon. I own Dead and Company FLAC files spanning one tour from 2018.

Other than that, I’m kind of disoriented. Mostly just shuffling tracks on Tidal with Roon, no real plan or purpose.

I need some inspiration. What are you into right now?

If you are at all a fan of the country or bluegrass aspect of the Dead, go listen to Billy Strings.

Thanks! I just listened to a bunch of his tracks per your suggestion - he really knows what he’s doing! Good stuff. Then I looked for videos and found this really cool Bob Dylan cover he played.

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I have an extensive Dead collection and I have to admit that I haven’t listened to it all. The Dick’s Picks series is a good example - I’ve only listened to samples of it, although I have the entire series. I decided to work through the entire series and I’m up to Vol. 15 now.

Sadly I can’t share your enthusiasm for Dead And Company. For me, if it doesn’t include Jerry, it just isn’t the Dead.

I totally agree - Dead and Company is not as good as The Grateful Dead. But it’s still a lot of fun. John Mayer has some serious chops, he respects the material, and adds some really imaginative and awesome parts. But of course it’s all very subjective.

All the above. :wink: I have 849 Grateful Dead including studio albums, released live shows (Dick’s Picks, Dave’s Picks, many other special box sets (Fillmore 1969, Complete Europe 72, Get Shown the Light, June 1976, etc. etc. etc.), or unofficial complete shows. Around 100 Jerry Garcia solo or bands, 67 Phil Lesh & Friends, and a dozen or so Bob Weir albums/shows.

Lately it’s about all I can do to keep up with Dave’s Picks, GarciaLive releases, and GD box sets (June 1976, Pacific NW, etc.). And I listen to lots of non-Dead music too.

p.s. Highly recommend Billy Strings too.

Indeed, it is all subjective - everyone will have different preferences. I just can’t get into Dead and Company, and frankly I even prefer Grateful Shred to Dead and Company!

I’ve enjoyed seeing Dead & Co. It’s a fun show and well done. My first Grateful Dead show was 12/26/1969. I like Bobby’s various bands, Phil’s bands, Dark Star Orchestra, etc. It’s all good. I enjoy the show and don’t spend time comparing “this show/lineup” to “that show/lineup”.

I’m listening to Dick’s Picks Vol. 16 right now, which is 11/8/69 at the Fillmore S.F. I really enjoy the original lineup with Pigpen. Although to be fair, there’s usually something special that one can find with most of the other lineups as well.

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Like everything - it depends. Sometimes you feel like acoustic/harmony/lyrics and other times it’s full-on St. Stephen/Dark Star/The Other One boogie mode.

Lately I’ve been gravitating to Bob Weir & The Wolf Brothers concerts. For post-Dead, my favorite still is the lone The Other Ones recording.

Also recommended: Let There Be Songs: The Roots of the Grateful Dead. I have no idea where I got this CD and Roon doesn’t identify it. It has 15 HOURS (!) worth of the original versions of songs covered by the Dead. Someone out there is a loving compiler. This is like a library compendium of roots Americana, and shows what real deep love the Dead had/have for roots American music. There’s The Music Never Stopped from Shanachie with similar content, but it has only 17 songs. LTBS has damn near all of them!

First show 1968, too many after that including two of the three “Farewell” Wall of Sound shows at Winterland in '74. Damn, I’m a geezer.

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