Hidden albums - a recommendation


As I understand it, duplicate albums are automatically hidden if “show hidden albums” is YES.

I would really like to have control over what I deem should be hidden.

It’s a great idea to have the ability to hide albums, thus displaying “best” versions of our choosing only, but why cripple the feature by having the system decide for us on what is displayed and what is not ?

for a start how does Roon decide on which version of a “duplicate” to display or not display? How does it decide on duplicates at all? etc…

thanks in advance for taking note and considering my recommendation for not allowing Roon to automatically decide on what should be hidden and what should not be.

At the moment, I am not able to use this feature at all and would dearly like to :slight_smile:

Ps… still loving Roon … just getting round to analysing the various features more thoroughly…


The functionality works just fine as is.

[quote=“Sallah_48, post:1, topic:23046”]
for a start how does Roon decide on which version of a “duplicate” to display or not display?
[/quote]It’ll default to the highest resolution version. When browsing an album an “Other Versions” button is also shown so you never permanently lose sight of them.

I’ve yet to find an album erroneously identified as duplicate.

With MQA Tidal albums, I select the MQA version as primary. It’s easy.

@evand and @Chrislayeruk

Thanks gents.

I think that would be ok; if I can see other versions when selecting the displayed option this is a workaround. In the event that Roon does make an erroneous (IMO) choice as to displayed album, I can always select the other option as primary. Didn’t think of that, thanks!

Still, would appreciate being able to take manual control over the displaying of duplicates. Not a biggie however in light of the responses here.