Hidden Albums Not Hidden in Artlst-Album in My Library View

In 1.8 my hidden files (all mp3) all show up under Artist in the My Library section. I swear this was not the case in 1.7. I only could see my Flac files which is what I want.

Does anyone else have hidden files still visible in the Artist/ In My Library section? Thank you.

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I found an album that shows 2 copies, they are Dups, one local and one from Qobuz, but they were both showing up. Turns out I had Settings → General → Show Hidden Tracks and albums set to YES, toggled that and the dup disappeared.

After resetting to NO, and going back to my album display, using Focus → Inspector → Hidden toggling off and on I get one album at a time.

Thank you. Sorry I never explained well.
I meant to say if you go Artists- then scroll down to Albums in My Library- the mp3s aren’t hidden. I swear they were before in 1.7

1.8 makes us swear alot :slight_smile:

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I have noticed this as well. I have several duplicates in my library (I have no Tidal or Qobuz) - for example one copy of an album which was purchased on iTunes (AAC) and another copy of the same album which was ripped from a CD (ALAC). I will “Hide” one (say, the AAC) but still see both when I am looking at the albums for the artist.

I found it quite confusing to mark an album as Hidden but to still see it listed. In addition I don’t see any indication that the album has been marked hidden.

It might actually be nice to see - or be able to toggle into a view which would reveal - hidden albums on this screen. But to simply keep showing albums that were marked hidden sure seems like a bug to be squashed!