Hide and unhide albums

Do you sometimes feel that there are too many albums in your library and that you rarely or never choose or play many of them, but you still want to keep those albums.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to be able to ban those albums from the visible albums with and to have a function “hide banned” - “show banned” :slight_smile:

Add the album to a custom tag and then use Focus to hide them.

Isn’t there already a Hide and Unhide function?

Yes, there is … I really should go to bed!

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Yes, so many posts in the last week, my head is swimming at times.

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okay thx, I’m going to try this out

Just tested, put an album on hide but keep seeing it + when I look through ‘Focus-Expector-Hidden’ I see albums that are not ‘Hidden’ at all. I have the idea that things are not quite right or can be improved.

I think it does not work optimally for the purpose I have because if you choose ‘NO’ via settings for ‘show hidden tracks and album’ Roon will treat the albums I have in different bitrates / dsf quality as duplicates and also hide them

The hide feature Daniel mentioned is in Album editor.