Hide certain albums

Is it possible to hide certain albums? I would like to hide the albums in my collection that are not suitable for children. I know I can “hide” the album in the album settings, though normally I want Roon to group duplicate copies, though show these “hidden” albums.

An idea would be to save the albums you want protected in a separate partition of your hard drive / SSD and activate the partition when you want them visible.

That would go against the whole principle of roon that folders don’t matter. Is it not possible to tag them as explicit and hide them based on tag ?

Anything hidden can be unhidden. Using a separate storage location which is then enabled/disabled works. It is a work around that I use for Christmas music. I hide/unhide the Christmas storage location (which of course is separate from my other music in the first place).

But, ultimately, what is needed is to be able to secure by profile.

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Exactly. I have loads of music my wife don’t want to see and vice versa, so some kind of filtering per user/profile would be very much appreciated. I currently use the enable/disable storage function, but it’s far from perfect.

Exactly my situation. We each have musical favorites the other does not want to see. LOL.