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I have been a Qobuz subscriber for several years. That’s why I welcome the integration of Qobuz into Roon. But that’s exactly what leads to a problem. All the albums I bought at Qobuz now appear in the album view. And of course, since I’ve stored my purchased albums as files on my local storage, I now see the albums twice.Both, my local files and those of Qobuz. Attached a screenshot:

I evaluate that, carefully expressed, as suboptimal. The only remedy I found is to disable the Qobuz stream via Inspector (exclude Qobuz Library location). This will give me a beautiful, pink, bold button in the ad. On the iPad, it causes the displayed albums are halved.

So here’s my urgend feature request:

Please integrate a switch in the settings, which can hide the display of the Qobuz albums.


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Are your local albums identified correctly? Because I do not have this problem. My local qobuz purchases are versions of the same streaming album. I.e. one local album from qobuz, one qobuz streaming album and one tidal streaming album.

Hi @StereJo,

if you use the Inspector function in the way you desribed, you can select all the Qobuz albums there and delete them (all at once if you want to). The deleted albums will be removed from your library, but not from Qobuz, of course. In other words, it’s really easy to get rid of those duplicates. Takes less than a second. BTW, if you remove your Qobuz albums from you library, you can still see them in Roon’s “My Qobuz” (purchases).


Yes, but that only works if your locally stored music and your Qobuz purchases have exactly the same metadata. If you have modified the metadata in any way (e.g. album artists), Roon will identify them as two separate albums. I had the same problem with some of my purchases. But it’s really easy to get rid of those duplicates (see above).

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Ok, but you can manually identify these albums. This should solve the problem?

Yes, it would, but as far as I remember manual identification of an album prevents future metadata updates of that album. Maybe @joel can confirm if that‘s true.

That is why I want to have various sorting options in My Qobuz Purchases and My Qobuz albums.

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Many THX, thats a good advice. thumbs-up

And I always modify the Meta-Data because the original ones are everything else than optimal.

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I habe the same problem. I have most if my hirez download Coming from Qobuz. But Now most of the album twice : the Qobuz version un flac and the local version dowloaded in wav format… and the album are generaly not exactly thé same ( as on your snapshot).
For me it s a bug because i understand that from my library i can chose the prefered version ( for exemple cd format local or hirez flac Qobuz )… have all album on twice local and qobuz must not.
I think the problem has started when i have choose the Qobuz version for one album… ans just after that my local library has been populed with the Qobuz flac version of all albums.



Done. Works perfect ! :sunglasses:

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Worked for me as well, happy.

That shouldn’t be the case. It certainly locks the “clump” of tracks into place, but the album will continue to receive metadata updates for the identification that you have chosen.

I have the opposite need. How do I get Roon to display only Qobuz selections and none from my local library?

Does using Focus/Inspector/Storage Locations help?

In that view, I see only my library and not qobuz Library.

Sorry, then I’m not understanding what you want to do. You mean by the Qobuz Library something different from what you can access via the Qobuz browser in Roon?

Try Focus - Format - Qobuz, and set a bookmark

I can access Qobuz by selecting it from the drop-down menu (top left). What I want to do is to see only the Qobuz selections and not my own library. This is to insure that I can investigate what Qobuz offers with certainty that my own library’s selections do not appear.

I also had two entries of the “same” album after activating Qobuz. As I am editing the metadata of almost every album I download I understand that this is happening. What I did: marked both versions of the album - used the “Group Alternate Version” button (the one below “merge”) in the Edit-Dialog. I selected the one in my library to be the “primary version”.

Is this a reasonable way or am I misusing the “Group Alternate Version” function ?

I don’t think you can do this, either in the Qobuz browser in Roon, in the dedicated Qobuz app, or in the Qobuz web site. The “New Releases”, “Playlists”, “Taste of Qobuz” are, I think, universal for everyone, and if you happen to have added items from these lists to your own library, that won’t be reflected in the content of these lists.