Hiding files/albums

Hi there,

Is there a way to hide files I don’t want to see in my Roon library (such as corrupt files, Audirvana aliases for iTunes etc)?



there is, but others on my team will be quick to point out that I didn’t finish this functionality in the UI for our first release :unamused:

I’ll try to squeeze it into the next build


Well hurry up then!

Kidding. Thanks for the quick reply.


Wondering there is any update on this. I see people mentioning hiding through the edit menu…but I don’t see it. Also don’t see the option when I right click an album…only delete is visible.

Also is there a way to search based on sampling rate information? I have hundreds of albums of audirvana DSD proxies and I’m trying to find a way to easily locate them…so that when I figure out how to hide them I can.

Click on focus and from the popular window you can select to show only DSD files and then from there bookmark it and make it simple in to future to just look at whatever… Bookmarks are a fantastic way of sorting.

Sorry…but where is “focus”…I don’t see anything labeled “focus” in the interface…what is the “popular window”.

I added a screen capture for you. First select the albums screen and Focus is at the top left which will bring up the dialogue box where you can select all sorts of stuff (It’s a GREAT feature to get into using and a standout for me).

thanks! now if I could just figure out how to hide them I’d be in business!

First under settings click Show Hide albums… and click “No”. Now, you right click with your mouse on the album you want to hide and a bunch of options should show up in the top right.

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@anon94274355 – right click albums on the album browser and there is a dropdown in the upper right that lets you hide albums.

Thanks. I’m in business. I have made a feature request, however, to let us access this via the artists tab…so you could select an album there and access the hide feature. The problem with just having it under albums is that if the duplicate albums are not named the same for some reason its difficult to compare them head to head…the artists tab would allow this.

I just tried to hide a couple of albums, and it is not working.

I right mouse click on an album, then click Edit, then cilck Hide Album, and nothing happens.

Also, the general setting that says Show hidden albums and tracks is set to No.

So what am I missing?


Oh. Nevermind. What is needed is to exit the Roon client app and then restart it, and now these albums are hidden.

What? No, that’s not a requirement.
That would be horrible — a client session should have no meaning.

When you say “nothing happens”, what do you mean?
If you are “in” one album, looking at it, and hide it from there, yes nothing happens. Hide means it doesn’t show up in album browsers and other places. So if you are in an Album browser, click on an album, hide, you still see it, but if you go back out t9 the Album browser it isn’t there anymore so you cant get back to it.