Hiding Support Tickets

Why are Roon moderators and staff hiding certain support tickets?

Did someone speak? :joy:
Oh, there you are! Some support issues are personal (billing, disputes etc). Others move between public and private depending on what is being done. The majority seem to be merged into other threads to keep a common issue in the same place. But I think if you raise a support issue, you will always find it regardless of it being public or private. Do you have an example?

Yes, but the example is hidden from community view. So you cannot see it.

The issue I posted last night was a Nucleus + hardware issue. Specifically, the power light was flickering on when initially powered up and eventually the light would completely disappear.

Quickly received a generic, cut-and-paste response from roon staff which advised me to perform some software related procedures to remedy the issue and the post was immediately unlisted (i.e., hidden from the rest of the community). There was no mention by the staff member of what would cause the Nucleus + power button light from cutting off.

If restoring my database, which they suggested I do, has an impact on the power button, that may have helped to quell any suspension created by ignoring the original post’s subject matter, “Nucleus + Power Issue.”

A couple of things stick out. They did respond quickly to your report, and for issues they may be familiar with cut and paste is efficient. In the case of hardware so long as you can see it, I am not so sure it matters that we all see it. Especially if it does fix your problem.

That in it self is unusual based on my past support experience. Generally the roon staff addresses support issues in the order they were posted. This and not directly addressing the hardware issue makes it look like they are attempting to bury the problem and avoid negative publicity for their hardware product.

Because I can see the main issue is all the more reason to respond to it directly so that it reflects positively on the product and support staff.

I am unable to restore or perform a fresh database because the power does not stay on permanently. Nevertheless, support is still only providing software resolutions which require that the unit stay powered up.

Hi @jb76,

Generally, when we unlist something, it is for the following reasons:

  • There is personal information in the thread that should not be visible publicly
  • There is a billing account issue
  • The issue is one that is best served for one on one communication

Your case falls into the last point. We have a great community that always loves to help which is great, but also there are some cases where we need to work one on one in order to resolve the issue.

You have our apologies for the trouble you’re facing (our team will be around to continue assisting you very soon) and I hope this clears things up!

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