Hifi Berry, Pi 3B, Roon image install problem

Hello all,
Just received a HifiBerry Dac+ PRO, Raspberry Pi B, SSD, case etc all from HiFi Berry. Using iFi power supply.

Just put everything together and downloaded Roon image from HiFi Berry. Opened image on OS X which open a virtual disk named “boot” containing multiple file and an overlay folder. Copied all of those to the 8GB micro SSD ordered with the Dac and Pi. Plugged SSD in, ethernet connection, then power supply. Unit powers up, but never showed up on Roon. Tried downloading and installing software many times to no avail.

Eventually hooked the Pi up to a TV via HDMI and got the following error message:

Sorry for the pics, used camera to “screenshot” the TV.

Not really a computer geek, so any ideas what is going on with install?

Thanks ahead of time.

You’ll need to ‘flash’ the .img file to the SD card for proper operation – not copy the individual files. The easiest way to do this is by using a tool like Etcher (it’s free and available for Win/Mac/Linux).

Point to .img file, select SD card and off you go.

Thank you, that did the trick!

Funny, I’ve read through the Roon OS instructions for install on a Nuc and they also mentioned using Etcher to install the image on a USB stick. Just didn’t click that it may have been the same process.

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