Hifiberry as a core

Hi folks!

I’ve been looking for years for a solution such as Roon (a way to manage my beets organized digital audio library with a mobile app that don’t suck).

My current setup (without Roon) is:
HDD> Hifiberry DAC+ > Rega amp

I have mpd installed, but honestly there’s not a simple way to play music on it but to connect it via ssh using ncmpcpp (that sucks).

My question: is there a way to use my RaspberryPi as a Roon Server? My guess –after reading the documentation– that the answer is no.

If so, is there a way I can use Roon considering my current setup? I’m not interested in having a more powerful machine plugged just to serve as a Roon server.

Thanks so much for your advise.

Server only runs on intel…RPi can be used as an endpoint with Dietpi or Ropieee being popular


Nope. You need a decent CPU, 4GB of memory and an SSD to run Roon. But you can reuse the hifiberry as an endpoint in Roon.

thanks for that!

Hifiberry is a hat afaik so it too wouldn’t run anything, even the rpi 4 is not doable. Must be something intel x86 or amd I guess too

X86 processor. Minimum supported processor is an i3. But any X86 processor can run the software so if power is an issue you can try running it on a Celeron rig. It won’t be as snappy and responsive as it could be but it’ll work.