Hifiberry DAC+ and Hifiberry Amp2 Question

In its simplest terms I want to be sure that I understand the Hifiberry DAC+ Pro and Hifiberry Amp2 boards. Is it accurate to say that this combination is somewhat analogous to a traditional separate consumer amp and preamp set up? In other words, I would need a RPi with an Amp2 HAT and a RPi with a DAC+ Pro to build a small system using both. I assume I’m right in my thinking that it’s not like you can add a DAC+ Pro HAT on top of an Amp2 HAT on the same Pi.

Probably a very naive set of questions/statements, but I’m just being honest and willing to put my ignorance out there :slight_smile: I know I’m still missing the larger issue of how you even get these two things to talk to each other.

From the HiFiBerry site:

the Amp2 is basically a DAC+ with an integrated power stage.

So if you got that, you don’t need the DAC+ Pro, I think.

The HiFiBerry DAC+ is the transport and DAC in one. You just connect the single ended analog outs to an amplifier.
The HiFiBerry AMP is the transport, DAC and amp in one. You can connect it to small speakers.
I have two HiFiBerry Digi+ that I connect to DACs and a HiFiBerry DAC that I use with a headphone amp.
Hope that helps.

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Makes total sense. Clearly I was not reading the Amp2 description properly.

Thanks for the clarification.

I had exactly the same question. I am considering this combination for a pair of in-wall speakers but I’m not sure if this amp will drive them.
These are the speakers in question

I don’t think it would be enough power. The HiFiBerry Amp can output up to 25w. The Jamo needs at least 60w.

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Really? The linked specs say that power handling is 60w, so 25w should be fine, no? Sensitivity stated at 90db.

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