HifiBerry DAC+ Pro

Hi everyone. This is my first post on Roon’s boards. I’m a new Roon user but very savvy in the Audio and Linux realm.

I have a question about HAT support. Does RoPieee support HifiBerry DAC+ Pro? I don’t see it on the hardware list, only the DAC+.

While we are on the HAT subject… Do you think Hifiberry is the way to go? Or should I look at other HATs for my RoPieee Roon endpoint?

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Hi @Jeff_Botts,

Yes it does. I’ll update the hardware list. Just select the DAC+.


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Updated the list.

And wrt your second question… that’s very personal. It depends on what you want. If you require a DAC then this HAT is perfect. If you have a stand-alone DAC then I would suggest to look at a ‘transport-only’ HAT like the HifiBerry Digi+ or Allo’s DigiOne.

Regards Harry

I already have a stand alone DAC. I’m going to use the Oppo Sonica mainly. I also have a few other DACs I’m going to try it with too. Burson Conductor V2+, and MHDT LAB Atlantis, et al. I’m mainly going to use the endpoint for USB <-> Ethernet but I want to try a Pi DAC to see what they are like.

@Jeff_Botts I love my Allo Boss DAC, and I’ve seem some good reviews on it.
There are a lot of reviews out there, also on youtube.

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The BOSS does review well. Thank you for the recommendation.

Where can you buy the Allo BOSS in the US?

They sell via their website: allo.com

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OK. I’ll check that out. Thanks for all of your help.

Order placed… Be back soon with impressions.

I have to say that Roipeee is a very nice upgrade to my listening with Roon. It’s removed the pops and clicks I was seeing when my DACs were connected directly to my PC.

I tried a few other Pi distros and they didn’t have the same audio quality that RoPieee offers with Roon. I’m very impressed.

I’m waiting for a linear power supply for my Ropieee now to see if this makes a difference.

Thank you for the excellent audiophile Pi distro!

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I have Rasperry Pi 3 + Hifiberry DAC + Pro and it works great! even DS256 playback (not native) works very well! great product! highly recommended!


Hi Maarten

Roon’s conversions sound great but it looks like your DSD256 is being converted to PCM there.

I wouldn’t worry unless you had a large DSD collection but just wanted to mention it.

From memory, the DAC+ Pro isn’t capable of DSD playback at all.

If you are taking about “native dsd playback” then you are right, but I don’t mind that it has to be “native” , better a good sounding Burr Brown PCM DAC that plays DSD Converted by ROON to the highest PCM rate supported by the DAC, then a ESS DSD “native” dac, that sounds artificial, and unrealistic, my HifiBerry DAC+ Pro connected to my Yarland tube amplifier sounds very, very good to my ears!

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