HiFiBerry DAC2 HD available, sounds like its upgrade time!

At least it matches its friends!

At the time I bought Hi Fi Berry said they had no plans for a case (and I think they though I was unusual in adding an Aamp60 to a DAC2HD).

I guess it’s proving popular (as I thought it would be - but they didn’t)!


I love it. Thanks for sharing the photo! :slight_smile:

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What case are you using here - it looks nice. Where do you get it? Thanks.

Does the HiFiBerry DAC2 HD support the native roon slider volume control? Not the DSP volume control - but the regular native volume control?

I use this cluster case from Pi Hut.

You can buy more than one if you want to stack multiple Pis. I don’t install the fans as I don’t need them for roon’s light cpu load.

I needed to buy taller stand-offs for some of the HATs - but I think a single HiFiBerry DAC is fine with the standard ones.

Yes - you can use roon with device volume and it controls the volume without Roon doing DSP.

However I think this still works in the digital rather than analogue domain.

I’m pretty sure that all the hardware volume controls in DACs or streamers these days are done in the digital domain. It’s just such an obvious place to do it, especially when you are also doing some form of DSP inside the dac or digital filter chip and your word size is increased from 16 to 24 or 32 bits. I could be wrong but everything I’ve seen and the circuits I’ve been playing with all do the volume control in the DAC chip where the data width is 24 or 32 bits.


I just got the DAC2HD and I have to agree. Took me all of 60 seconds to determine it was noticeably better than the HIFiBerry DAC+. Worth the price.