HiFiBerry DAC2 HD available, sounds like its upgrade time!

I’m really pleased with my DAC Pro so if this newfangled dohickey turns out nice I’m upgrading. :slight_smile:
Pretty sure Ropieee will support it too.

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Also this apparently: https://www.hifiberry.com/shop/boards/dsp-add-on/

nice TI chips…sounds really good

Nice but Roon does DSP at the core for your whole system. Would Ropieee support the DSP functions?

I do not believe RoPieee(XL) includes the HiFiBerry dsptoolkit package necessary to enable their DSP add-on module at this time. You could always add it to the RoPieee feature request thread… On the plus side, dsptoolkit doesn’t really require RoPieee to have much knowledge about it, other than to enable it when the hardware is present. It includes a server process that you use to send DSP programs to it using a remote GUI over TCP.

That said, a quick look at what the HiFiBerry DSP offers, and its the same things you can already do with Roon’s own DSP: upsampling, room correction/impulse response, and programmable EQ. Personally, I’d just implement these in Roon and forgo the hardware DSP add-on to the HiFiBerry. But then I also use Roon pretty much exclusively as my source. The hardware DSP would be more useful to a RoPieeeXL configuration, as it will also apply to any of the other non-Roon audio protocols supported by RoPieeeXL.

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I am currently using a DAC + Pro as well - I am very happy with it. I would not upgrade unless our techie friends (like Amir @ computerscienceaudio and Hans B) do testing that shows it is really better. $100 is not expensive, but it is still a TI DAC chip-based solution. I want to see if it is really better before I shell out $$.

I confess, I will probably upgrade just for the tinkering. :slight_smile:

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