HifiBerry Digi+ PRO

Nice news for Digi+ users: HifiBerry is introducing a ‘pro’ version of their Digi board, with dual oscillators for 44.1 and 48 frequencies.

It is currently on offer for a reduced price while software support is in beta stage. HifiBerry’s RoonReady image will be updated in due time, but for now things should work with Raspbian updated to recent kernel + Roon Bridge. More info here – needless to say I’ve just ordered one. :slight_smile:

In related news: the little Twitterbird has sung that IQ Audio will introduce a digital board in the near future as well. Interesting times…


Just ordered! :slight_smile: Thx @RBM

Another one that’s being discussed on the forums: http://www.pi2design.com/coming-soon.html (second in the list)

just ordered one too: thanks @RBM :slight_smile:

plan is using it with a Chord Mojo (must look now for a coaxial cable with minijack on one end :rolling_eyes: ) and headphones
not sure, though, I can make the thing work right away or… better wait for HiFiBerry to release an updated Roon image. guess I’ll better just wait :stuck_out_tongue:

If I can make it work, you can too… :wink:

Mine’s just crossed the border. New flash card is prepared and ready!

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And mine has been playing all afternoon! On top of a Pi3 with JessieLite and Roon Bridge.
Sounds beautiful and seems to handle all relevant sample rates beautifully. Soundwise its to early to say anything, but i dont miss anything compared to the PiFi DiGi+
Atb Mike

Ha – you must have the world premiere… :slight_smile:

Good to know all is as expected – mine just entered the Netherlands if tracking is to be believed…

That might be so @RBM! :grin:
Hope it’s OK to link to the necessary preps kb on hifiberry.com?
Update Kernel for Digi+ Pro
And dont forget to comment out any dtoverlay instructions in /boot/config.txt (In other words, do NOT follow the instructions printed on the PCB of the Digi+ Pro :slight_smile: )

from the answer I got on HiFiBerry forum looks one can use their latest Roon image which should auto update and perform all necessary kernel updates too

that’s what I plan doing with mine :slight_smile:

Do you know if the “Pro features” impact the Toslink out?

Yes: the main improvement is the use of dual oscillators for 44.1kHz and 48kHz frequencies. Anything 48kHz and multiple (96/192kHz) will be clocked more precisely.

iPower was delivered last Friday, RCA to minijack coax cable (for Chord Mojo) this morning but… the Digi+ Pro is still held by customs :cry:

Same here, same here… :wink:

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Sorry bout that guys, its been playing here for ages now! :wink:
And, not to rain on our parade, but at this time i am not so convinced it’s an improvement over the olde Digi+

Rub it in, rub it in… :wink:

I’m not expecting miracles. If anything, the handling of high-res material (48/96/192) could see a slight improvement. Whether this is audible in the chain remains to be seen (or heard). Then again, the Digi±non-Pro is no slouch.

Don’t forget the gold-plated connector though. :smiley:

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Just got the news mine will be delivered tomorrow. €29 for the board, €14 for shipping and… a whopping €19 for customs and taxes. Behold the life of an early adapter… :wink:

I had 5 sent to the UK and had no charges at all

Customs is pretty much hit or miss here. I’m usually lucky, but since they had this one for almost a week, I figured it would be my turn to pay. Oh well…

PS: 5? What do you need 5 for? :slight_smile:

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4 mates who all use Roon and RPI and wouldn’t know Linux from fishing line.


Thanks for the link! I’m currently using USB from RPi3 but wanted to try a Digi+. This beta program is right up my street. Cheers!