HiFiBerryOS + Digi+ Pro = Roon Endpoint?

I have a spare RPI 4 with a HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro HAT. If I install HiFiBerry OS on it, will it function as a Roon Endpoint?

I want to use the digital coax output on the Digi+ Pro to connect to my amplifier.

Personally I would recommend Ropieee.org

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Thanks! I do have Ropieee under consideration too. However, given that the HAT is from HiFiBerry, I was wondering whether or not there would be any advantages to using HiFiBerryOS.

The Digi+ Pro is supported by Ropieee so I would have thought that either HiFiBerry OS or Ropieee should be fine.

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Yes, works fine.

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Yes, it will. I use HiFiBerryOS and Digi+ Pro HAT as Roon bridge.

You can also try unofficial Tidal Connect Docker.
In some cases it’s quite useful.

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It looks like your image requires some additional components from HiFiBerryOS (beocreate), isn’t it? Or can I run it on a plain Raspberry PI?

It requires HiFiBerryOS itself. Install the docker according to the instructions.
Visit HiFiBerry community for additional information.
Not sure if it will work on a different Pi OS without additional tweaks.

Hi I have been using an RPI 4 HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro HAT with HiFiBerry OS for nearly 2 years now, and i has worked like charm all the time. No problems whatsoever.