"High Contrast" now playing, best way?


I’m mulling over how to have an effective “now playing” screen that I can easily read (in all lighting conditions) 4 metres (13 feet) away.

ePaper might be the way to go, I actually have a “Paperlike Pro” it’s a 13.3 inch e-Ink display with a resolution of 1600×1200, you connect to it with HDMI, now I tried a Chromecast dongle and that didn’t work (I’m guessing resolution issues), a Windows 10 dongle I have works fine but the web now playing screen is unintelligible.

I noted in another thread that using the API to grab now playing info could be the way to go, is there an easy way to get that displayed in a large font on Windows?

I should add that I’m “beginning a journey” with OpenHAB, just in case using that makes sense, I also implemented Mosquitto as part of this.


Did you make any progress on doing something like this? While it would be nice to have an e-ink display that acted as a Roon Display (assuming acceptable refresh rates), even a text only display showing basic metadata like artist, album name, track number, track name would be nice.