High CPU and GPU usage on MacBook Pro 2020


Just got a new MacBook Pro 2020 and experiencing similar CPU and GPU compute leaks as I do with my core, Mac Pro 2103.

Core information here, this post is about a Remote running on a brand new machine:

New machine and remote details:

Here is the resource Roon uses when idle in Album View. Full screen in a desktop space that’s not on the screen:

and the resource it uses on an Artist Page with the same conditions:

Guys, I do not want to downplay this anymore. It really feels like there is a ridiculous resource leak within your Mac app and it has been for a while. Same is present with Mac Pro 2013 and now with a brand new machine. There are also ample examples of the same issue present in different hardware reported on @mavmcl 's thread here

We need a resolution to this, fast. Any new feature you bring with your updates without addressing this issue feels like an insult. If you think this resource use is normal, then we need an explanation of what your software is doing in Remote mode at idle with this much system resource. Sharing any, any detail that you uncovered or clueless/blocked about at this point will be appreciated.


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Yep, its a problem… I just quit Roon on my MacBook Pro (2015, Catalina) after the fans ramped up to super-sonic speed. Instant fix.

Why have you not set your audio endpoint to exclusive mode? High res source causing the Mac to require downsampling in realtime. The CPU usage should account for as “normal”, Jriver and Roon on my MacBook Pro require about the same amount of CPU resources, around 10-15% while playing back material not needing resampling. Does this send your Mac into a spin?
My older MBP (2017, 2 Thunderbolts, i5) stay cool and quiet when my library on a 5Tb portable unit is fully analysed and identified. I’m on Catalina also…

Not sure if that would help with GPU utilization. From the OP, 20% CPU, while high, isn’t really the problem… but 82.6 GPU is certainly excessive.

Hey Mikael, I’ll check your suggestion re: the exclusive mode for the Core but these latest screenshots are from a Remote, not Core.


That really doesn’t matter, and like @mikeb says, it’ll be unlikely, that this is any cause for your Mac running hot.
I don’t know why GPU usage seems relatively high, but we do know that Roon uses some form of openGL rendering of the screens.

There is an user in the GPU issue thread I opened that reported the issue happening with a Mac Pro 2013, not sure the issue is only happening in “new” hardware macOS Catalina interface laggy randomly while running Roon (High GPU usage randomly, Roon idle 20% GPU, sometimes up to 99% usage)

I do believe any improvement or feature should be put on hold while addressing these GPU and CPU issues that pursue pretty much all Mac Roon users, for sure the whole team focus and dedication to these issues would address the situation.
I am sure many, many do have the issue but haven’t even noticed it or they just don’t care because they use dedicated headless (CPU) Macs or whatever…

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That person is probably me;)

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lol yeah…

All mac roon users? Please, do not make your issue apply to all. I run a roon core on a 2015 headless mac mini. 4 different macbook pro’s use this, from 2016, 2017 and 2019 with none of these issues, and all are running Catalina. Brand spanking new 16” Macbook Pro - everyone on the planet knows new Apple products come with issues. And I would not be surprised to see this being an Intel GPU issue - there is a reason why Apple is dumping them like a lead weight in a deep lake…

you are sooo lucky, I envy you. AMD GPU here…
it does actually is not “my” issue, it is Roon’s.

Your link points to my post. I had the issue of higher than normal CPU usage on my old 2013 MBPro 13". I recently purchased a 2019 MBpro 16" and have not experienced the CPU/GPU issue at all.

Hello all, my apologies for the inconvenience here. We appreciate the users reporting this issue and we are actively working to resolve instances of high CPU/GPU on Mac cores and remotes. While I can’t share any specifics on a timeline for this fix, our team is aware of the issue.

While we work on this issue, we’ll provide updates on the thread you linked in your original post.

Lastly, @Yargi_Erel, I’d like to add your data to our internal tracking for this issue. Could you please elaborate on your network setup? Thanks!

Hi @nuwriy,

I have a ISP-provided modem that’s connected to an Airport Extreme router. Core (MacPro) has a wired ethernet connection to the router. Remote (Macbook Pro) connects via wireless to router.


Same issue here, CPU on a brand new i9 16" MBP idling between 300-400% with roon open… Only solution is to quit roon.

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