High Cpu Usage in Macbook pro


I’m not able to use Roon anymore.
I open Roon and after 1 minute the Cpu usage goes very high and the fan starts making a lot o noise.
This happens even if I am not listening to nothing.
The only solution is to close Roon and use other software.
My machine is a Macbook Pro (late 2014) with 16 GB Ram.

Hope this problem will be fixed in a future upgrade.

It is normal for Roon to process data under a number of circumstances. It may need to update a lot of data in the database which it downloads from the internet. If you have added music recently it will process the files and that can lead to high CPU use and the fans will come on. But both of those processes will be temporary. If you have added new music it will last as long as it takes to process the music.
Do either of those situations apply here?
If this is happening all the time, even after all these processes have taken place, then there may be a problem that support can help with.