High CPU Usage on Mac Mini 2018

is it me perceiving you are saying this is something normal?

when having a moment it does happens even if you power off or disconnect from the core machine. it is something bad with bridge raat and ui… at this point I would say we can really demand a FIX

yeah… that is the old mehhh fix… for some works for some others don’t … not something we should even consider acceptable.

if you restart, does it stay pegged?

This is like starting the thread again. If you restart Yes it does goes away until next time… likely next time will be after the computer goes to sleep 2 or 3 times.
This means we have to keep restarting our computers after sleep, prevent the computers from sleep or keep playing with the wifi on/off trick in case the trick wants to work that day.

Don’t see why it would be album art, metadata, file scanning - my library is pretty static and system unchanged for months. A restart fixes the CPU usage (0.3%). Something weird going on here. I’ll monitor and see at what point it returns…

Please put the iMac Pro 2017 on the list of unlistenable due to fan speed. Hopefully you will have an update soon as my Roon membership has just renewed…

Thanks Guys

I have notified Roon of this for a year now and still have this issue 2 operating systems and macs later… Very high CPU load on MAC

Same issue here

  • Mac mini 2018 i7 /16GB mem

Was Roon able to reproduce the issue? If not ask me questions and I can run tests and sent logs. I would be happy if this gets resolved.

we don’t know, they just don’t talk… 1 year no updates, no ETAs, etc…

Ok. Then I will try to fiddle a bit. I have my network card switched on (wifi disabled).

After reading this post I decided to switch on the wifi adapter without connecting to a wireless network and the CPU usage dropped, with no Roon CPU usage anymore and the client functioning. Fingers crossed.

This is insane. Happening on my MBP. Confirmed turning wifi on and off (I’m hard-wired) resolves it temporarily, but not permanently. I thought the last few times Roon binned it with macOS and it tooks months to resolve it was silly, but years with no fix? Yikes.

This bug has now been around for nearly two years as far as I saw in the several forum posts about this and still Roon is unable to fix it. I took this as a clue to ask for a refund, as my latest renewal was within the last 30 days. Roon in this way is unusable, so why should I pay such a hefty price for a piece of software I can’t even use, have to invest even more in different hardware or use some may/may-not-work workarounds. No thank you.

@dylan can we get an update?

Same issue here. Running 2018 Mac Mini, 3.6GHz i3, 64GB RAM, Catalina 10.15.7. Roon Server at 200-300%, RAATServer at about 100%. Both immediately on launch. Mini is connected to LAN with wifi turned off. Music files are on a NAS. I can send process samples for both server processes.

@support please share an update.

Hi all,

The team has been working on this, but we don’t have any specific information we can provide just yet. This remains a high priority issue for us, and we’ll be sure to keep everyone in the loop as soon as we can provide more information.


Big Sur is here, let’s see if it becomes the 3rd macOS affected version, hope Big Sur has a hidden big magic…

I usually wait for a few months for the major OSX update (usually until x.1 comes out). In the meantime, Catalina released another supplemental update (now 10.15.7), which I just installed today on both of my MacMini 2018. Previous supplemental update I did in Aug. 2020 (10.15.6 - when did this change?) didn’t resolve the issue. This posting is a time stamp for the record and I will keep you posted if I encounter the issue again.

Honestly, this has been a rare event for me in the past few months, so it’s not a big concern for me anymore, but still it’s not completely resolved.

I thought I had this sorted. But after weeks of no issues yesterday it was back with a vengeance CPU Roon use at a constant 300+ %. Its making this 2019 MBP unusable for other functions. Any advice would be appreciated!

David, have you updated to Big Sur? It’s perhaps a little too early to comment for sure, but my impression is Roon with Big Sur works well, though I’ve also had problems with high CPU use before.