High end fair munich 2018

(Robert.W) #1

-is there anybody from Roon HQ there so we can see and talk ?

(Christopher Rieke) #2

Well, they are listed in the exhibitors list. :wink:

(Sean) #3

Really wish I could be at this year’s show. Hopefully next year for me.

The most important evening drinks/bier session of this show needs to be between the Roon and Qobuz teams :grin:


May be truer than you intended. :laughing:

(Dick Vliek) #5

Of course you know @Slim_Fishguttz that bier is dutch (and german) for beer :wink:


Yes, but not in Aussie speak.:sunglasses:

(Christian) #7

they seemed to had a little space presenting the server appliance - no one was there though

last year they featured much more promently - was the 1st time I really got in touch with them

A bit weird I think, given the largest show in Europe.

Although I lot of exhibitors used Roon for their demos

(Armin Kern) #8

Hi folks
the show from Nucleus by Roon was great! Roon’s Steve Silverman did a stunning great job to promote and explain Roon and Nucleus 8 Hours/ 4 Days with almost no break!
The most crowded area at the German’s Distributor booth was Roon. A wide number of companies around were using and mention Roon and Nucleus…

and yes, I’m biased!
I’m sales rep for Audio Trade GmbH in Germany, the Nucleus by Roon distributor

(Christopher Rieke) #9

I can confirm that. Steve was actually explaining the product nonstop whenever I got to the booth…

(Armin Kern) #10

Was my pleasure to meet you the :slight_smile:

(Ludwig van Marbach) #11

I didn’t go because I didn’t think anyone from Roon would be there…

(Andrew Cox) #12

I didn’t go because I didn’t think Ludwig would be there.

(Ludwig van Marbach) #13


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Some equipment porn from the Munich show, courtesy of Copper e-mag -