High profile TIDAL releases do not show up in Roon upon release

I’ve noticed this often–albums from artists like Drake and Kanye West are not showing up in Roon on day of release.

For instance: https://tidal.com/browse/album/139721907 does not show up in any Roon searches and you cannot access the album.

Any reason for this?

Yes. Tidal and Qobuz add in the metadata that Roon needs and bundle up and do a batch transfer- so there is always a delay.

Got it. I assume this has something to do with these being last-minute/secret releases.

No. All releases have a gap between streaming service and roon.

Doesn’t necessarily make sense what you’re saying as most new releases are available in the morning of.

Sometimes they are delayed more than others

Hello @Matt_Cuttler,

Once TIDAL has the new release, there’s some time before we get it to them, and sometime before we get it to you. I wanted to pass along a more specific timeline as seen here from Brian.

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