High Res Album Art?

I’m looking at getting some GIK acoustic panels for behind the stereo and one of the options is to print an image on the 2’x2’ panels. Ideally looking for 7200x7200 pixels as that would be 300dpi, so far I’ve only been able to find is 1500x1500. I also do not see how to extract any images from Roon so I have no idea what res those are. Source for high res music album art?


Been there, not finding anything close to the size I’m looking for. 1500x1500 is typically the largest seen there.

I can not help you out with a source for such pictures, sorry.

But (working in the printing industry), I do like to point out : 7200x7200 is a very strange requirement for such a print.
Two reasons :

  1. I highly doubt, the surface of that panel is smooth enough for 300dpi printing.
    This is equivalent to a pixel pitch of 85 MICROmeter. Is the surface of the canvas really that smooth ?
    A regular photographic canvas, supports about half of that.
  2. The dpi required, normally depends on the viewing distance. (A small 4x6 is held in your hand, viewed from a short distance, and needs perhaps 300dpi. A large poster however, is viewed from perhaps 3 foot, and requires about 80dpi).

When viewed from 2 feet or more, 150dpi is already way more than sufficient for this job. You´re not viewing the panels, from a few inches distance are you ? :).

I guess that 3600x3600 images (to reach 150 dpi) are a bit easier to find.
Try using https://www.google.com/advanced_image_search , it has a box where you can select the minimum amount of pixels required.

Example : anything above 10 megapixels (roughly 3400 pixels square) :


Marco, great search suggestion, I did not realize that was an option. Understand on the DPI, that is why I said ideally simply because it’s the highest res they support printing but yet 150dpi is likely fine.

Your not printing a photograph here. The holes in the material must remain open and thus the resolution will be compromised. They will look great from a short distance