High-Res Radio Station: SuperStereo 4, comes with SuperStereo 1, SuperStereo 2 and SuperStereo 3

This is about Radio Stations, not Roon Radio.

Hi everyone, I’d like to share SuperStereo 4! for soft rock, 70s, 80s, 90s music. Comes in 48KHz, 16 bit-depth. Originally it comes in 96KHz, but I think due to integration issue they weren’t able to do that. However for SuperStereo 1, it is 96KHz.

Taken from Google: SuperStereo, the station for the audiophile.” SuperStereo 2 plays New Age and Instrumental music, SuperStereo 3 plays disco music, pop and dance and SuperStereo 4 is a soft music, easy listening channel. SuperStereo 1 and 4 also offer AAC streams via the Web Player and as streaming links.

Roon, I hope you guys could fix the issue to make SuperStereo 1 Radio Station use the highest resolution they offer. Their radio station is great. Thanks for the effort!

UPDATE: I realise that SuperStereo does not provide the URL link for their 96kHz, I’ve written to SuperStereo, hopefully they will provide the high res for SuperStereo 4. When they do, I will share it here.

Thanks Roon! And for the rest, do check out this station if you love Soft Rock :slight_smile:

Hello @KaiChong_Wong , the flac stream we have for Superstereo 1 is the 96k stream. Are you not seeing that?

Hi Brian, there’s four total SuperStereo from 1 to 4. 1 is 96k stream but the one I prefer, SuperStereo 4 isn’t :slight_smile:

The number indicates the kind of songs, they are not the same, as SuperStereo 4 are mainly oldies haha while SuperStereo 1 is new age? I’m not too sure ><

Superstereo 4 is indeed just 48k and that is what their website produces.

If you do discover a 96k stream, we’ll be pleased to add it.

Hi all, SuperStereoRadio has replied:

Hi Kai, the 96khz broadcast on superstereo 4 starts on December 1, thank you very much for listening, the url will be the same. a big hug from Chile

Thank you, as such I believe no action from Roon team needed. :slight_smile: Much appreciated to all.

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