High resolution audio from Amazon

Brilliant news, just brilliant. Truly hope this crushes Tidal and flushes MQA in the process :grin:


Just installed the desktop app. First thought - Goodbye Tidal. Amazon KILLS Tidal. It seems more stable and the app destroys Tidal’s. Catalog is vast, of course. Many UHD songs up to 192khz and they sound great. 90 day free trial.

Roon - you MUST integrate this SOON! Amazon will be the go-to service almost immediately for HD and UHD streaming - no contest. Price is good also, especially if you pay for a year.

AND you can download the tracks - just did so.

Love, love this, so far!


Can’t wait until Lumin adds Amazon capability to my streamer.

Are you listening, Peter? :grin:


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Amazon High Res is here:

Do you mean download for offline listening, or for storing to your local library?

I cannot imagine the latter, as that would kill their CD business in less than a month.

Article on Amazon releasing lossless streaming from today:

Just my two cents: Amazon is evil. Quasi-monopolies are never a good thing. If you support diversity use any other service, even if it is more expensive or has less tracks.
There will be a day when people realize that there is nothing left but amazon and three other companies. Choice is a good thing. And consumers should decide carefully.


Already signed up for the trial. Looks promising.
Roon integration on the horizon?

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Has anyone downloaded the Windows desktop app? Any way to make it bypass the OS mixer and use exclusive mode wasapi or asio? I can’t see a way.

Also note that chromecast isn’t supported. Using android device, chromecast playback is 44.1. Have not tried Chromecast Audio. Think Amazon says cast is not supported for hd at this time.

Here’s my two cents -

Look for Amazon to buy or at least attempt to buy Roon.

I completely agree with you. That said I cannot stand Tidal, I encounter constant bugs with the Android App. I open a ticket and provide them with evidence showing even the most basic functions like Random not working and it takes them months to resolve.

Agreed. I don’t think Tidal is any better, or a saint. Their privacy policy is actually pretty bad. In that regard Amazon may even be better. And from a User perspective the product looks pretty good.

Agreed, but if consumers cared about music they should never have allowed streaming to become a thing. As a collective we’ve made it very hard for musicians to earn a viable living (yes, there are exceptions).


Google and Amazon’s ecosystems have a history of not supporting each other on purpose. That being said Google stopped making the Chromecast Audio and Amazon has recently started shipping the Echo Link network endpoint; that has both Toslink and Coax Digital Out so it can feed a different DAC.

Does roon support echo link?

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What would they possibly stand to gain other than a bunch of noisy demanding curmudgeons making incessant demands for new features, enhancements, bug fixes and additional integrations. :joy:


Didn’t expect the announcement to have it released same day. With Qobuz, they had so many delays and still in beta.

Now to see how it compares to Qobuz. And it’s less than half the price as a prime member.

Just noticed David Bowie in 192k vs 96k on Qobuz.

Edit. Mobile iPhone app is having issues with my Chord Hugo. Everything is lit up blue for 192k. You can see what actual output should be clicking on HD Ultra badge.

David Bowie does show it should be 192k. I posted elsewhere that thought Tool was in 192k too. It’s 96k.

This for offline playback via their app or to keep and playback however you please? If the latter it’d kill cd sales overnight.

As long it is not ‘upsampled’ from 96kHz it would be wonderfull.
At least for you as I have no access.
So Qobuz is my Play.

There is no soundcard interface selection dialog. You might be able to install ASIO4All as your default windows driver and do it that way? I’ll have to try.