"highest quality" version selection

Is there a way to teach Roon that I think the highest quality version is the MQA on Tidal, not the FLAC on Qobuz?


Not yet, but we’re actively working on it. Coming soon.


Thanks for the difficult work.

A free choice of quality for all opinions I would very much welcome, an automatic compulsion to MQA as the best solution I would reject. There are different opinions about best quality and that is good, because the world may be seen with different eyes and heard with different ears. Roon should make everyone happy.


@seth_Godin1 It’s because of you that I’m a Roon customer. I’m a reader of yours and remember many years ago you doing a software takedown on iTunes and calling attention to something better that’s worth paying for. Thank you!

you made my day

hope the music is treating you well

I just shifted completely to really low (2 watts!) tube amplification. Magic.

I’m making Seth Godin’s day - now that’s something :grinning:

Music is always treating me well. I used to produce jazz festivals for George Wein, started a record label with Joel Dorn (Atlantic Records) and have been playing jazz guitar for over 30 years. Needless to say, I’m in deep. What amp are you using? I’ve been hesitant to go the tube route but you could easily convince me.

check out hifishark and search for 300b

I started with cheaper used amps from Dared and Wavelength but now I’m firmly in the Alan Eaton 45 tube camp.

it’s stunning stuff.