Highresaudio.com Streaming

Just read the following message in facebook from highresaudio.com:

The complete message text:
“Calling all manufacturers! HRA-Streaming becomes reality in the beginning of 2018. If you are interested in integrating our service into your devices, we happily supply you with our well written API, documentation and support staff to guide you through the integration phase. It is a small investment for a wonderful feature and add-on service for your products and customers.”

I guess, this will be interesting for Roon?

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I asked about roon in the comments and got the reply «Yes!».
Whatever that means – I’m looking forward…

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According to this report the Highresaudio streaming service will be launched at the Norddeutsche HiFi Tage this weekend (3-4 Feb), with a price of 16,66 euro/month and desktop apps for macOS and Windows. Mobile apps to follow at High End Munich. Sounds interesting in any case. Available across Europe, including UK.

The article also seems to suggest that Roon integration could be present in Roon by end of 2018. Wishful thinking on the part of the author of the article or Highresaudio.com, I wonder?

Just found this in their FAQ

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Oh - sad to see that CEO was just writing he passed on API documentation to Roon over a year ago - and there is still no progress?
@danny What is the background on this?

API is not enough – need database dumps.

I would love to see HRA in roon. Things arent’ moving with Qobuz, but Roon would need an alternative to TIDAL. Please talk to each other! Every additional service is an argument for Roon, especially if you have to switch devices from “Roon” to “uPnP, Airplay”.

What’s the problem? Seams to me that HiResAudio is pushing to make this happen, and ROON avoiding it… Have ROON som kind of exclusive contract with Tidal, making it almost impossible to hook up to other streaming services through ROON? If so, you should announce this to all customers…

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Yes when contacting Highresaudio they assured me to do everything possible to be integrated within Roon. Obviously Highresaudio has already provided data but either Roon is lacking resources in view of 1.5 launch or has something different in mind. Would be great to share the current status quo to customers @danny