"History" feature in Roon ARC?

I see in the ARC app you can browse through recently played, but only about 30 songs, as per desktop software, however I wish there was the “HISTORY” feature as per desktop, I use this all the time and would be cool to have in the mobile app, as would bookmarks (not playlists)

Don’t forget this is just V1.0.
There will obviously be a few omissions to begin with and I expect changes and development to be quite exciting!

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My preference is to keep Roon ARC as light and simple as possible. Don’t load it up with stuff that you can do on Roon when you get home.

Great, thats your preference, mine is the History feature in ARC.

Yes, I saw that. I think I get to say mine also.

As I said, I vote against adding more and more features to Roon ARC. I prefer to keep it light and simple so it does not get bogged down. And yes, this is in reference to a history feature and many other potential features.

Whenever you make a suggestion, you should not be surprised if someone expresses a contrarian opinion.

Maybe start your own thread so in honour, mine is to discuss the History feature.

Understood, perhaps the options in a later version to toggle on/off some of the things that are important to the user, for example I never peruse the “Tracks” section on Roon desktop, but would regularly use “Artists” or “Albums”.

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Maybe they should keep it light and simple and remove a feature currently implemented that you like a lot to make way for mine? That way it stays “light and simple”. :sunglasses:

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