Hitradio Ö3 no longer works

Hello, since yesterday the station Hitradio Ö3 and Radio Wien no longer works.
I have now added Hitradio Ö3 manually and this stream works.
Can someone update the incorrect links again?
this one is the original but no longer works

This one works
Hitradio Ö3 actual 2022-12-17 104318

Hello @Karl_Simhofer , thank you for the information.

The problem was that the sites use .m3u URLs to produce load balancing redirections. Roon instead used one of the redirects specifically, and it seems that the particular ones used are no longer working. I have now used the .m3u URLs instead so that the correct load balancing redirection occurs.

Things should be ok now.

Hello Brian,

thanks for your really fast help. :ok_hand:

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