Holo Spring Level 2 R2R DAC: Native DSD support?

Hi @spockfish,

I’m planning to buy Holo Spring Level 2 R2R DAC, but only Level 3 was in the Native DSD support list. Would you please confirm that Level 2 DAC can only play DSD via DoP, or it can play Native DSD like Level 3?

The same question with T+A DAC 8 DSD, any chance to play Native DSD with it in the near future, and can we have DSD 512 via USB connection between Pi3 and DAC?

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Le Ninh.

I’m using Level 2 and I’ve no issue that support native DSD up to DSD512 in both ROCK and Windows using Roon. The firmware is the same for all the levels. The difference is the power supply caps and silver plated power transformer.

So surely we can play Native DSD by Holo Level 2 through RoPieee, right?

Thank you for your great information. :slight_smile:

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AFAIK the Level 2 is just another version of the Holo Springs DAC, with the same XMOS based USB chip.
So yeah, I expect it to ‘just work’ and play native DSD with RoPieee.

No guarantees though, because I’m just not 100% sure.

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