Home assistant integration for Alexa voice commands

I have the extension set up so I can integrate Roon and home assistant. I have set up some scripts and automations so I can play some radio stations on my Naim qb in the kitchen but I would like to be able to use Alexa as well. Any suggestions or tips on how people have done this. My experience with routines is ok but Alexa can get very confused with commands that are similar to those built in for playing music. Which makes it quite difficult for asking her to play radio 6.

Any examples gratefully received

Can’t help you with that I’m afraid but I have been struggling with the HA/Roon extension.

Can you outline how your scripts and automations are used to play Radio to a Roon end point from HA ?

I created a script to play a particular favourite live radio station. There is a script that selects media player kitchen and instructs to select a particular the radio station. I have 8 scripts in total for my most listened to live stations.

I have an input select list of the radio stations and an automation that runs the appropriate script when the input select is changed.

What issue have you been having extension it’s worked fine for me on my windows pc

Been trying to get the multi room option for ‘custom:mini-media-player’ HACS plug-in without succes in Lovelace.

Also can’t get the playlist or radio select options to work in https://github.com/marcelveldt/hassio-addons-repo/blob/master/roon/README.md


I didnt need to use a custom media player. Just added the media player to a standard media config card. I have 2 players grouped in roon and that stays grouped in my media player select source option. The media player card lets you choose a source which are based on the different types of endpoints I think. So whatever I select play on the main media player plays on any grouped roon endpoints. I dont think there is a way to change the grouping in home assistant only roon. But once changed in roon I think thats automatically reflected in home assistant.

Radio you need select your saved Live Radio Stations. This is a script I use to play one of my radio stations. The name of the radio station is exactly the same as the name I saved it as in roon.
alias: naim classic fm
- service: media_player.play_media
entity_id: media_player.kitchen_3
media_content_id: “Classic FM”
media_content_type: “radio”
(spacing is off not preserved here but hopefully gives you an idea)
Like I said I can run this script but it will play on both my downstairs media players that are pre grouped in roon.

Hope that helps you

ok - thanks for that - got it to work now:-

maybe your home assistant version is different from mine?