Home theater bypass

When I’m not listening to music, I’d love to have my Nuc running ROCK take the audio jack input, and output it to USB (no DSP processing needed). A home theater bypass of sorts…

When listening to TV, the receiver’s front channel would go via RCA cable to the NUC, and then via USB to the benchmark DAC.

That way, I could always leave my DAC on USB as a source.

Does your Benchmark not have HT bypass? I had a BM DAC3 which did.

The home theatre bypass on the benchmark DAC just bypasses the volume control. It does not automatically switch sources.

When I listen to music, I put the DAC on USB input. Later I’ll watch TV and may forget to switch the source on the DAC to analog. Halfway through the show I’ll realize the front left and right channels are missing and that’s why I can’t hear properly.

Sounds like a syncing nightmare.