HomeKit with HomeBridge and the API

I wonder if any of our coding gurus in the Apple camp has looked at HomeBridge and the API to combine a siri based command interface to Roon from HomeKit?

I dont think I have stumbled or asked this before here, but thought about it being a possible way to allow for voice command based siri use to control some basic options in Roon like volume or play/pause/skip or even more in-depth like zone change or playlist…maybe even sleep / alarm setting like @Jan_Koudijs has.

I’ll dream with you for this kind of support. But first (and soon I hope) we need Airplay2 support.


it’s not directly HomeKit connector, however HomeAssistant does have readily available homekit bridge so you should be able get Roon into Homekit&Siri:

i am just playing with it, got Roon integration working inside the HomeAssistant, however can’t see roon devices in HomeKit just yet. Apparently i will need to re-connect HomeKIt to bridge or something.

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short update - HomeKit can see Roon devices now (restart of haas was required) and i can pause /un-pause playing which is good start. However having something like “Hey Siri, play something from Trentemoller on Roon” would be great but i don’t think this is doable with current Apple HomeKit integration

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@maniac, this sounds great. im just starting to explore HAS.

When you say pause/unpause do you mean vis siri or with the HAS GUI?

in any case if you have time/will would be great to get some more details if possible on how you set it all up

thanks so much in advance


once you get Roon integration running, roon endpoints are available in Haas as media_player object , which you can control with pause/play, skip buttons in haas gui.

Then, when you integrate Haas with HomeKit (you need to have one apple device hosting HomeKit bridge function - could be ipad/apple tv/homepod/mac), you can then call any automation from HomeKit - thus also with Siri - best thing is that as your apple HomeKit device stays home, you can use Siri on iphone to control devices even when not at home :slight_smile:

As Haas Roon extension is now part of Haas itself, it should be quite straightforward to get it running. If you’d have specific questions i’ll try to answer, but i’m not haas expert :smiley:

btw here is live topic on this site related to Roon - Haas integration

thx @maniac !

so i think im almost there. i setup the HAS room integration, added the homekit support and can see the switches in my homekit app which actually works :smiley:

the one thing that im still stuck on is the siri integration. i tried just calling siri to execute the exact name of the switch (ie the play/pause roon switch), added a shortcut to operate the switch but no success whatsoever.
Do i need to somehow manually assign it to my hub (the living room appleTV in my case)?

The only way i can currently play/pause is via the actual toggle switch in the homekit app

any clues how to try and debug this further? perhaps if you don’t mind you can share you ios/shortcut workflow?



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great progress , your are almost there :slight_smile:

in haas i made script to call specific haas roon media player button (play/pause)

then on iphone in home i created scene , which includes the script made above (to trigger play in roon)

after this, you just tell siri “name of your homekit scene” and it will cal your script which will trigger roon media player button.

thx so much again! really appreciate your help on this

would you mind sharing you haas script? (and does that script auto move to the haas hub in homekit with all the other media player entities?



yes the script entities are also shared to homekit (as normal switches).

here is my script, many things there, i have stripped it down just to roon part for better reading:

  alias: Audio Engage
  - data:
      ##entity_id: media_player.livingroom-rpi4
      entity_id: media_player.Your_Player_Name
    service: media_player.media_pause
  - data_template:
      ##entity_id: media_player.livingroom-rpi4
      entity_id: media_player.Your_Player_Name
      ##media_content_id: audio_startup
      media_content_id: Your_Playlist_Name
      media_content_type: playlist
    service: media_player.play_media
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