HomeKit with HomeBridge and the API

(Mr Fix It ) #1

I wonder if any of our coding gurus in the Apple camp has looked at HomeBridge and the API to combine a siri based command interface to Roon from HomeKit?

I dont think I have stumbled or asked this before here, but thought about it being a possible way to allow for voice command based siri use to control some basic options in Roon like volume or play/pause/skip or even more in-depth like zone change or playlist…maybe even sleep / alarm setting like @Jan_Koudijs has.


I’ll dream with you for this kind of support. But first (and soon I hope) we need Airplay2 support.


it’s not directly HomeKit connector, however HomeAssistant does have readily available homekit bridge so you should be able get Roon into Homekit&Siri:

i am just playing with it, got Roon integration working inside the HomeAssistant, however can’t see roon devices in HomeKit just yet. Apparently i will need to re-connect HomeKIt to bridge or something.


short update - HomeKit can see Roon devices now (restart of haas was required) and i can pause /un-pause playing which is good start. However having something like “Hey Siri, play something from Trentemoller on Roon” would be great but i don’t think this is doable with current Apple HomeKit integration