HomePod doesn't show-up in Audio devices in Roon lately

(Chris Keller) #1

The HomePod showed-up well in Roon (v1.5 build 334, Rock 1.0 build 158) with the 11.4 firmware of the HomePod and all went super smooth. Since the HomePod upgraded to the latest 11.4.1 firmware, the HomePod shows not up as Airplay enabled device in Roon. As stand-alone device or in conjunction with the iPhone or iPads the HomePod works well with Airplay 2. I don’t have any other issue, Sonos recently upgraded to 9.0, BlueOS is at 2.18.2

Please advise…

(ascot) #2

Roon does not support Airplay 2, similar problem with Sonos One (with Airplay 2 mode).

(Chris Keller) #3

Aha, thanks for the clarification! Then I guess I sit, wait and see for Airplay 2 support to happen…:grinning:

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(David W) #4

My Home Pods show seperately in Roon–not as a pair
if I group them in Roon they won’t play.
They show and work as individual speakers but not as paired speakers as they do on Airplay 2 sources(Apple music,I tunes etc)

I can run Roon on my iPhone and then select the paired HomePods through IOS and then Roon will play to the pair–but not from desktop app.

(Ali Shafai) #5

When I send music to my stereo paired HomePods, the sound is echoed and is not playing in stereo.