HomePod with Roon: anything similar to Exclusive Mode?

I’m considering a HomePod for my bedroom. Streaming with Roon, is there a way to not have the stream interrupted by notifications about email, messages, and such? Something like exclusive mode or do not disturb?


FYI Roon currently doesn’t support Airplay2 so a device with the latest updates won’t be seen by roon.

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Oh. Well, that kind of puts a damper on the scheme, doesn’t it.

Thanks for saving me an expensive mistake!

Apple Store and online have a 14 day no questions asked return policy…many people don’t know this.

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Apples HomePod works fine with Roon. I use one in the bedroom. There’s no exclusive mode, but the Home Pod doesn’t give out sound notifications. It waits for you to say “Hey Siri” and you tell it what to do. You can pause, stop turn up the volume and down using voice. I ended up suscribing to Apple Music, using voice on a bedroom speaker has been an awesome experience. “Hey Siri , play Thelonious Monks new album”. “Hey Siri, play my chill mix”. I use Apple Music more then Roon on the Home Pod because I’m laying in bed and using voice for this works better. But Roon does work on the HomePod. And the Home Pod is the best sounding speaker in this price range.

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Thank you. Since there’s a return policy, as wizardofoz pointed out, I think I’ll get one and try it out. I’m fine with controlling volume and such through the Roon remote, so hopefully it works out.

@Kuryan_Thomas Just make sure if it doesn’t work with Roon that you try to downgrade the iOS version or whatever its running to get back to pre AirPlay2 update…if thats even doable.

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