Homing in - viewing specific albums when in Date Added View

As far as I can see, there’s no way to view a searched for album in context in Album view when in Date Added view (which is my ONLY view of interest for albums)??

Hence I would like to ask for this to be implemented, perhaps when a single albums is selected “Show In Albums”?

eg here add option Show In Albums…

AND here perhaps?

Thanks ever so much for considering this!

This is a really good idea. Like in “Show in Library” in Lightroom etc.

(For me too Date Added is the only Album Browser view I use.)

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Yes right. I never see any point to any of the other album views :slight_smile: - by year maybe useful sometimes, i guess.

As the collection grows, it becomes very awkward to scroll through 1000’s of albums to get to where we want :slight_smile: - end up only ever just scrolling through the start and finish of the collection.

It would be important, if this feature is implemented, that the last view selected for the Albums is preserved and it doesn’t default back to view albums by artists, however.