Hopefully a simply question,

Hopefully anyway!!

I have roon Running on a Mac mini into a Quad Vena II and they into my speakers. Love it. It picks up my Sky and airplay TV’s but I have Edifier active speakers in the kitchen and bedroom and would like to use Roon instead of Alexa due to quality. The Edifiers have RCA analog only inputs so can anyone suggest a wireless endpoint which will allow me to turn the speakers into Zones?


A Rasberry Pi4 running Ropieee, plus a HAT DAC with analogue outputs. I use a HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro connected to a Dali Katch via the analogue line in. It works very well for me.

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Or a Chromecast Audio if you can find them.

Really don’t want to go down the pi route

This one?

I would definitely go RPi4 before Chromecast.

Yup – that’s the one.

I just want to plug and go, I cannot be bothered building and then setting up, I gave up Volumio and am going to stick with Roon for that reason

You should have bought the one I had for sale. There’s no building involved. You simply download the RoPieee software to your computer and burn it to a mini SD card. Stick the card into the Raspberry Pi 4 and stick the RPi4 into a FLIRC case and insert 4 screws.

To set it up, you plug in an ethernet cable and use your computer browser to make a few selections in the RoPieee settings. Then, plug it in and go. You do have to add it as a Roon end-point in Roon.

This is for USB out device. There might be a little more involved if you install a HAT with other outputs, and a different case.

The hardware you use can constrain what Zones can be grouped in Roon. Only like Zones can be grouped, see this KB article.

In your case a Pi or similar device running Roon Bridge would be a RAAT Zone and enable you to group with your main system and each other, but a Chromecast is a different type of Zone and could only be grouped with each other.

The Chromecast might be limited in resolution, IDK.