Hover Over Album In Grid View Shows Complete Album Name

Looks like this was requested just a few times over the past three years so please allow me to throw my request on the pile.

When viewing Albums in grid mode (after focusing a search, or when viewing by Artists -> View All Albums) the album names are truncated and there’s no way to view an album name without clicking into the album. This is especially annoying when looking at many albums with similar names such as all of the DMB Live Trax albums. In my library these are all named like this:

DMB Live Trax Vol. 30 - The Muse, Nantucket, MA - 1993-08-16

So when I’m looking at all DMB albums I see a bunch of similar album names in grid view:

The request would be to support displaying the full album name if you hover over the album (referring to the desktop app, not mobile apps) so a user doesn’t have to click through random albums when the urge to hear a great 1995 show takes them. :smile:


Do you have the “allow for more album covers” option selected?

Good tip @extracampine , and I do; I like the more dense album view. When I disable it it helps a bit by showing a tad more of the album title, but not all, and the overall result changes based on the app screen size. So in the DMB case above, still can’t see enough of the Live Trax and DMBLive albums to see the date so “more albums” doesn’t help or hurt in this case, unfortunately. But hover would def fix that. :grinning:

It looks like this has been somewhat resolved, or at least a step in the right direction. :slight_smile: I’m now seeing longer, more complete album titles when in Album grid view (see below). I would still like the ability to hover and show the complete album name though, but the update that (apparently) addressed part of this request is great.