How about a system services dashboard for users?

With connected services growing in importance to almost all Roon features, it’d be nice if you guys could install a customer dashboard for your web services. I searched in vain for something like this today when all discography seemed to be hosed for a while. It came back a few minutes ago, but a dashboard would have told me you knew about the problem and were working on it.


100% agree, this would be very helpful to have. Even though Roon is installed locally, it’s so dependent on cloud services I consider it a SaaS platform. A status or trust site of sorts seems warranted.

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Even better, similar to Speed Test, they should have a Diagnosis selection in settings, that would check for connectivity, and perhaps do some kind of speed test to validate that everything is at least working at a minimum required level, and perhaps gives a Connection Rating, say 1 to 5 Stars.

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Fantastic idea. The setup configure page already has system status so that could be expanded to include cloud service status and other dependency checks.

It could test your network and devices as well as the Services connections.