How Big Is Your Library

There are a couple of threads running about classical compositions at the moment. The thought is that big libraries cause more issues than smaller to medium ones.

I just thought it would be nice to get a feel for the general size of libraries and what kind of split there is Classical: Non Classical. Since the composition issues are obviously mainly on Classical stuff.

My thought is that maybe there are not that many really big classical libraries causing issues

Could I suggest 3 basic stats

No Of Albums (Obviously Box Sets will show in the Focus stats as a “Single Album” and maybe 10 discs , how do we get around that)
% Classical
Max Number of any Individual work (if we care to admit our obsessions )

for example mine is

Albums 4285 (Files 85496)
Classical 50%
Max single work (Moonlight Sonata ) 31


5,197 albums
20 % classical

998 albums
13529 tracks
(no classical)

50 million Tidal tracks :sunglasses:

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Classical split ?


The remaining 80% is non-identified? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just joking, obviously, but in fact very interested!

You are reading my mind :rofl:

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All added to your library? :joy:

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I only have 47 unidentified albums! As you know, I mainly listen to jazz (>70%).

:scream::smile::+1:t2: So 70% jazz and 20% classical. That leaves 10% of what…? (I myself, for example, am pretty schizofrenic: in the summer, I listen to world music a lot).

You only asked about the percentage of classical music…:joy:

Not yet…:flushed:

My thought is that the issues I am seeing are related to Classical only. In general my Rock, Jazz, Folk etc were identified OK

My problem lies with Classical composition recognition where the odd few “go Missing” and can’t be merged into one composition

Hence wondering how big a classical audience there is out there


The remaining 10 %? Very diverse stuff — singer/songwriter, folk, soul, indie, (hard) rock and so on…

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I haven’t noticed such a difference. I only have 7 unidentified classical albums. No problems here.

I am hitting repeated problems where I have a lot of recordings of the same work and only a portion show in the composition view.

It could be non main stream labels etc not being ID’ed. The big problem is if you have 31 versions of a work , you can miss one without really noticing BUT it doesn’t make it right.

I am also seeing the composition in 2 formats eg

Piano Sonata No.1 in F Minor Op.2/1
Piano Sonata No.1 Op.2/1 in F Minor

Hence a mismatch


Approximate, from memory. Away from home at the moment

8,500 albums
140k tracks
50% Classical
67 Wagner Tannhäuser’s

I have a lot of single flac cue’s, ape’s and iso’s that roon doesn’t recognise. I don’t know how many. I gave up trying to convert them in any consistent way some time ago. I just randomly convert them when in the mood, but I have more time on my hands away from home and may give it another go. Mostly I just play them from JRiver or Foobar.

I find identification and grouping of compositions a much bigger problem than identification of albums. Because I am travelling so much at the moment I have been trying to build a much smaller travel library where I will often have just one performance of a work. So if roon doesn’t identify that single version (even when it has identified the album) I actually am finding that the single biggest problem I have is with a smaller Classical library, not a larger Classical library.

Of course I don’t have 67 Tannhäuser’s. But roon thinks I have. The reason is that if I have a selection for example of 10 arias scattered around on a box set then roon thinks that is 10 Tannhäuser’s and not 1 incomplete Tannhäuser.

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3,000 albums
11% classical
60% jazz+Avantgarde
25% rock+blues
20% other

That’s 116% .
Shows Roon’s awesome capabilities.
Oh, well.

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1110 Albums (988 identified)

these include
425 Audiobooks (317 identified)

7100 cd’s

5% classical

50% jazz/blues

Albums. 6,609
Files 109,623

Classical. 29%
Pop / Rock. 25%
Christmas. 9%
Jazz. 7%
Other 30%

Max single work (other than Christmas carols, some of which I have over 100 versions):
Bach, Goldberg Variations - 21 recordings