How can I access RoonServer on my localhost?

How can I access roon on something other than my cellphone, namely my desktop computer where I have roonserver installed? Oh please tell me I can do this. Or what about on my tv? No web interface, only shitty little phone screens?

What OS are you using on your desktop? If its windows or mac then simply download roon not just roonserver. If it’s Linux then you are out of luck.

Have a browse through the knowledge base here where this and many other things are covered.

Yes, if you want control from the host machine then so long as it isn’t a Linux machine you just load the full version of Roon with graphics capability.

You can also install Roon on your desktop and point it at your Roon Server Core. That way you can close down the graphical interface when you are not using it.

Linux, so I’m out of luck.

Have not tried it myself, but other users are reporting succes running Roon via Wine:

You are not out of luck at all. I have been running Roon UI on Linux via wine for over a year and it works as well as it does in lesser OSes with the one caveat of playing audio locally takes a bit more configuration. See the post Rene references, these are the basic instructions I wrote to get the UI working.

You can also access the player/bridge installed on Linux (don’t use the windows one under wine), and with some minor configuration control the volume directly from pulse audio or ALSA as you choose (Roon is not as sophisticated as most systray volume controls - I set the device to be fixed and then use systray controller via Linux). That’s covered either in that post or in the thread where that post was first put. Either way, it’s not so hard, and add I run it in a laptop that is 8/9 years old and has standard Intel graphics of that era, the demands are modest.

@rene would it make sense to sticky the Roon on wine post, or have Roon people confirm it is sane and add it to the KB? It seems to come up reasonably often. If needs be, I’m happy to step back thorough it and recreate it with more details and send that in.

Thank you for the replies. I’ll try wine out, but in the meantime, I do have a Windows box located on the same KVM as the linux server. What I am most interested in the UI for is to enhance the metadata in my library, another issue.

Of course, if I really wanted a great UI, I’d use my TV. Anyone know how to do that?

Great UI or large UI?

For tagging and retagging in Linux I used QuodLibet/ex Falso to get the tags consistent - they are fantastically powerful for tagging allowing scripting, bulk changes etc. I then used Picard to pull in MusicBrainz tags as well.

I’ve had trivial retagging to do in Roon as a consequence.

Personally, for a great UI, I find the TV less appealing/relevant due to the remote control than touch on a tablet on my lap offers the same effective dpi and scrolling and moving quickly between menus is much easier. And maybe I’m just old, but the desktop is still the fastest way to get to anything.

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large UI, you are correct.

I’ve been using EasyTag. For images, I use discogs, which - now that I think about it - would be amazing if Roon used for album info. I know the API is open, I use it for one of my websites.

There are many, many threads about meta data and discogs etc have a read around.