How Can I add NTS Stations?

Hi --This is related to NTS Radio in directory but I’d like to know if I can add individual shows from NTS. Here is one example:

I’ve looked all over the site and can’t find anything about .pls, .m3u, or other links that would let me plug into Roon. I think the backend of NTS might be mixcloud.

Can anyone help me bring these stations into Roon --or understand this better?

Sorry, Roon can’t do podcasts. The episodes are coming over as file fragments and that doesn’t work with Roon radio.

While looking at the station, I noticed it has two distinct streams, which we had not been properly dealing with. I’ve now split the station in two:
NTS Radio - Stream 1, and NTS Radio - Stream 2.

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The NTS shows are all archived on MixCloud.

Obviously no current Roon support for MixCloud. But it’s actually one of the streaming services (along with SoundCloud) that I really miss in Roon, having come from Sonos and LMS (which do both support it).

For now the fall back is Airplay’ing from my phone and bypassing Roon. But it would be a fantastic addition to be able to access my favourite SoundCloud and MixCloud mixes within Roon itself.

Interestingly it looks like NTS are about to launch a premium service (“Be the first to access new tech features across NTS in 2020, like live tracklists and higher bit-rate streaming”). It might be worth potential users contacting them to express an interest in Roon integration. I’d certainly pay for a premium NTS subscription if it worked with Roon. Although I expect Roon users probably make up a tiny proportion of their user base!

Thanks for adding NTS2 :slight_smile: I had previously added it manually but always nice to have it built in in case the stream urls changes. down the line.

I encourage you to add a #roon:feature-requests for Mixcloud; the Roon developers monitor those and will then consider it for future inclusion. Other forum users are also more likely to see the request there and add any supporting comments.

On premium services, sometimes (e.g. jazzradio) the station provides special URLs with a key or token in the string enabling you (but not me) to add it to your My Live Stations. It’s possible, and desirable, that NTS might do the same.

Thanks @j_a_m_i_e . NTS is sublime and I would be first in line for a premium service.

And thanks for the comments @BrianW I will put in a feature request for mixcloud right now!


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I saw your feature request @ezekiel_das, good. I’ve merged it into an existing feature request thread that @j_a_m_i_e found (and I had forgotten existed!)

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