How can I batch set the "Live" flag?

I am using the trial period of roon - I have several recordings from which are live, and I see that roon has a flag to indicate live.

Is there a way for me to set these in batch?

Alternatively - is there something that roon looks at to determine “live” when importing the track and its tags/metadata? I can batch set those. Even further - is there a posted list of mappings for other fields that I haven’t found yet? :smiley:


Hi again @Jamie_Smith. Yes there is.

You can select multiple albums from the album browser screen (and other screens) and edit the metadata. Note this only edits in Roon itself and does not touch your file tags.

You do this by right clicking the album cover of your first album (PC or Mac) or a long press on the album cover (tablet). You can then add additional albums by left or right clicking them, or single touch on tablet.

Once you have selected your albums (which remain selected even if you left/right scroll/swipe to more albums on a different page), click the Edit button at the top right of the screen.

Pick the Edit Fields tab and scroll down to the Live Yes/No field. Make the change, and click Save. Done.

I would need to double-check, but at present, I don’t think that there isn’t a way to “assist” Roon by setting something in your file tags. It’s an interesting thought, but slightly problematic because there exist both “live” and “studio” albums which have a mixture of live and studio tracks on them, and file tags exist on a per-track, not album basis.

We are in the process of documenting the list of Roon-supported file tags for our 1.3 release, which is close.

Exactly what I needed - not sure why I didn’t try that myself. Thanks!