How can I browse by folder or location?

I agree in your case, but in my case there is a combination of unknown music, studio masters, transfers and so on, that has no metadata, other than the folder system they are stored in.

Can you see the problem?

I am not asking for a total change of the way Roon should work. I am asking for the ability to browse in a extra way, like we can do with genre, album and so on. It would even be a feature that you enable in settings for specific folders on a “need to” basis.

I am not native speaking either :slight_smile: We are doing ok anyway :wink:

Maybe it could be as simple as dragging a folder over to a ‘play spot’ such as the title/artist lines on the play screen. Right now if you do that (drag a folder) it is a way to import music into your library. But you could make this a Setting Selection to allow drag and drop play.

Personally, I’m supportive of Roon choosing to make the design choice they have for browsing. But it’s clear a lot of users are hampered by this and some in-between compromise could help those folks.

When you can convey complicated ideas in another language you are doing great!

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You know the old joke, about the guy in Ireland who was lost? He stopped the car, wound down the window and asked a local how to get to Dublin. “Well, if I wanted to get to Dublin, I wouldn’t start from here.” answered the local.

And so it is with Roon. If you want folder browsing, you are going to have to start somewhere else. Roon will do folder browsing after they have a cure for cancer and figured out unified field theory. It has been made clear. Bang your head on the wall, ask nicely, scream and shout, all water off a ducks back, it is not going to happen.


Think about tagging, it can replace folder mechanism (just as labeling concept in gmail).

I understand that folder browsing will not be implemented as a matter of principle. But I think that this is a kind of smart-alecky approach of the devs. More appropriate would to think of the folder structure a user implemented as a kind of individual meta data the user attributed to the music files, which are anyway present in Roon´s database and should be searchable.

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That was pretty understandable. So, when do you think it’ll be implemented? :slight_smile:
I’m in the 14-day trial period, so I have time to come to terms with the strange logic that you will never be able to search folders. Or not.

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A thread just closed that had over 500+ posts on the subject of folders in Roon.

The timetable for that is - never.

There may be some workarounds depending on your specific challenge or objective. Feel free to post what you’re trying to do and we’ll see if we can get you there. Before this thread closes (although Roon says they don’t close threads midst discussions of workarounds).

which thread?

You can do a forum search. They closed the thread, but it isn’t hidden.

You can browse by storage location, being top level folders, using Focus/Inspector/Storage Location.

Otherwise browsing by folder has been definitively ruled out.