How Can I Buy an Album in Qobuz?

Every so often one of the albums I have stored in my streaming library will just disappear and not be available anymore. How do I go about purchasing a particular album in Qobuz, or is it down through Roon?

I have the Studio Premier Plan and I can’t figure out how to buy an album from Qobuz or even if it’s possible with the plan I have.

I could just buy the CD, but downloading it seems so much easier.

You have to purchase albums and download them through the Qobuz app.

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Thank you!

I have never seen that screen.

Maybe I need new glasses. :crazy_face:

You can purchase them via the website. Qobuz have a great desktop app to manage downloads too.

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I buy most of my downloads from Qobuz, partly because they are reasonably priced and partly because the App handles the downloads very nicely. I also buy albums through Bandcamp where the prices are a bit higher but i assume most of the funds kick back to the artist.
I went Sublime + with Qobuz and have probably bought some 60-70 albums since then.


Qobuz didn’t have the album I wanted but Bandcamp did and I purchased it.

Now that I own it, can you tell me how I would go about adding it to the SSD inside my Nucleus?

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Hi @S_J_A,

Checkout if you have further questions / need help then I’d recommend creating a topic in the #roon:nucleus section of the forum detailing your current Nucleus system setup.

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