How can I deterministically derive the zone ID?

How is the zone ID hash (UUID) derived? I note that my device (Squeezebox Radio) always has the same zone ID, regardless of whether I change, e.g. the name/hostname/(possible IP address too?), I would like to be able to derive it in some code that is outwith the Roon API — is this possible? Is it, e.g. hashed on the MAC address or similar?

Actually, maybe the question for Roon devs here should just be a feature request — can we get more metadata added to the zone object returned via the API? IP address, MAC address, serial number, product/model, these would all be useful things and in fact surface in Room itself already, as far as I can see, just not via API methods. :pray:

Any Room devs on here? Have you seen this thread? (Not sure how to @mention to otherwise draw someone at Roon’s attention to this…)

Can we get more metadata added to the zone object in the API please?