How can I disable "secondary" artist names?

Hi all. I’m a new user and have just imported my album collection. I’ve found that there are a bunch of superfluous artist names listed. They are mostly people who have contributed to an album but are not the main artist, but sometimes can be the real name of the artist.

For example, after adding Neko Case’s album “The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight…”, I have the following artists appear in my library: Neko Case, Jon Rauhouse, Kelly Hogan, Paul Rigby and Tom V. Ray. While these are the names of the band members, I would much prefer to only have Neko Case appear.

Another example is Neon Indian’s album “Era Extraña”, which lists both Neon Indian and Alan Palomo as artists (the real life name of Neon Indian).

Is there a setting that would disable these secondary artist names from appearing in my library? When I try to manually edit the metadata, there doesn’t appear to be an option to delete these secondary artist names.



I’m with you on this one, I don’t want the extra artists showing up in my list either. Just the primary artist.

I have a feeling it’s a meta data issue with Roon’s providers and it’s not easy to resolve.

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But isn’t this part of the beauty of Roon, in that it helps you find other things you might like by other artists.


In my case it’s mostly band members etc that never did anything on their own so you get an artist in the artist list that doesn’t show art and the same album as the primary artist as the original poster indicated.

The beauty of roon is the information at the bottom of an artist page especially when integrated into Tidal not the bunch of odd ball artists that get added to my artist list.

Maybe I’m different in the fact that I have 3000 artists in my collection and don’t spend time perusing the list other than to fix artist art.