How can I export playlists from Roon to Tidal

I want to bring my music( playlists ) to a bar for my birthday party they can play Tidal
How can I export my playlists from Roon to Tidal

Hello I try to export my playlist to Tidal, but the advice you gave me is not working.
Please ecplain how can I do this steps

  1. Go to the playlist you want to export and Select all tracks
    which button ?
  2. Select more options and Export… / Export to Excel
    wich buttom
    The Roon software on my Ipad is not offering this steps
    Please this is urgent I have my birthday party on the weekend, and I need my music on Tidal

You can only perform an export from the the core device in my experience.
From the playlist screen click on the 3 dots button to reveal the export function.

<Ctrl> <A> in Windows and <⌘> <C> on Mac.

Press the three dots () next to Play Now and select Export.

So I have to pay Soundiiz a monthly fee to export my playlists. That’s a nonstarter. Why can’t Roon build something to provide this function?

BTW, I need my playlists in Tidal only because Roon 1.8 killed my OpenVPN. OpenVPN used to work, and I was able to listen to Roon while driving. But now I can’t. So I need my Roon playlists in Tidal as the next best thing.

did you find a way to do it?

No, I gave up.

It’s easy. Export to Soundiz, then import to Tidal, Qobuz, Apple Music, or whatever.

I didn’t think soundiiz connected to Roon, am I missing that?

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